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Why 'Won'?

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In our founder’s tribe on the Ivory Coast, older people are looked after by the whole community, much like how bees work together to produce nectar for their queen. In this tribe the word for “bees” is “won”, and Won Connect applies the bees’ way of working to help socially isolated and older people.

This is a different philosophy to supporting the community than we are used to in Scotland. Older people are often targeted by scammers, and technology moves forward without anyone helping them keep up.

We can, like the bees, work together to support the whole community. But rather than supplying nectar, we supply knowledge and skills so that people can feel connected, and stay safe, using technology.

Our services are used to fundraise, to allow us to provide support and knowledge to those who need it. Just as the bees can’t make nectar without pollen, we can’t provide support without funding.

At Won Connect, we treat older and socially isolated people with respect, and help them become independent technology users so they can socialise, integrate with the community and support themselves.

Who are we

Won Connect is a registered social enterprise based in Glasgow. We are tackling social isolation and loneliness through IT and digital media participation. One of our main aims at Won Connect is to help older and socially isolated individuals become independent and confident computer users.

Our team is committed to the success of our vision. We have an agreement with many community centres and the backing of Kelvin College Glasgow, Royal Bank of Scotland, Job and Business Glasgow, housing associations and organisations in Glasgow.

What we do

We deliver a variety of digital and computer training programmes to reduce social isolation, improve connectivity with peers, family, and friends and enrich the quality of life of older and socially isolated people and empower older people with information and companionship through Technology and Digital Media.

Importantly, we want to raise awareness and understanding of how to protect their devices, data, and finance from fraud and abuse online.

How we do it

We use our programmes to give the opportunity to socially isolated people or attendees to learn the basic of computer and security but most important is to help them to interact with other peers and socialise while learning.

We don’t only introduce individuals to the computer, we also introduce them to smart home technology and social interaction. Smart home technology promises tremendous benefits for elderly and individual living alone.

Our Vision

To promote the wellbeing of older people in Greater Glasgow and protect their assets against online fraud and abuse.

To provide computing skills to older and socially isolated people to help them live independently.

To effectively assist economic integration, improve living standards, and narrow the digital divide.

To offer our volunteers full-time or part-time permanent employment.

Our Values

WELCOME – We respect our customers' right to dignity, choice, and independence. We welcome diversity in our volunteers, and respect and value the contribution made by them.
INCLUSIVE – We value the time, skills, and expert opinions of our staff, volunteers and clients.
SUPPORTIVE – We support each other appropriately.
FAIR – We will not discriminate against anyone because of their gender, age, faith, sexual orientation.
TRANSPARENCY – We won't accept investments from anyone who is involved in arms manufacturing, human trafficking, or abuse.

Our Objectives

To provide a range of services to older people and individuals who need extra help, companionship, and technological assistance in their own homes and while integrating into the community.

To equip socially isolated individuals with the appropriate social skills to integrate and communicate with fellow Won Connect learners.

To help individuals develop their computer skills to help them become more employable and independent.