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Social Media Advantages

In contemporary society social media plays a big role in our daily lives. From sharing content on Facebook, job hunting using LinkedIn, sharing status updates via Twitter and creating Instagram stories for our followers. You may find that social media has many advantages which can apply to both individuals and even businesses.

For individuals:

The ability to stay in touch with friends and family

This perhaps is the most obvious benefit…like duh..that’s why we use it right? It is very easy and convenient than having to meet up all the time and not that we are discouraging it. But if you have friends and family who live in another country or city and the like then using social media is a great way to stay in touch with them and send media files like images and videos and best part is…..IT’S FREE!!!!

Online commerce

Facebook, as an example, has a marketplace function built in that allows one to buy and sell goods to other Facebook members. Giving you an opportunity to perhaps make a bit of cash for unwanted goods instead of the good old taking the item down to a store and to see how much it’s worth.

Content creation

Social media platforms allow you to engage in the creation and distribution of user generated content and interact by liking and sharing other people’s contributions. For example you can create funny memes and videos and circulate this amongst your network of friends and have a good laugh and some fun

Benefits of social media for business:

Targeted Advertising

Business can create ads on social media platforms to target specific demographics and other variables of importance to them. Facebook ads allows you to do that and set a budget of how much the firm is willing to spend on promoting their brand. They can choose from certain objectives of their social media campaigns such as brand awareness or lead generation etc.


Following on from targeted advertising social media platforms allow businesses to view analytical data on audiences that engage with their content and page. This gives them a better insight as to who their fans are and what kind of content they engage with the most which can influence future digital marketing campaigns and content.

Customer interaction

Business using social media platforms can investigate customers’ needs, take into account customer feedback and have a two way dialogue with them as they can also engage with their digital marketing content. This two way communication allows existing customer relationships to be strengthened but also new ones to be formed.

As we already know social media platforms are available on the web (yes we know you can get the app) and in relation to the web we have a blog on online safety.