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Empowering Your Community or Team with Essential Digital Skills for Success!

Our passion is to empower older adults and non-technical individuals with ICT Skills. That’s why we widen access to digital and computer skills training classes and facilities for elderly, non-technical individuals and disadvantaged groups in Scotland.

We deliver our digital and computer training programmes to reduce social isolation, improve skills, employability, connectivity with peers, family, and friends, gain knowledge and enrich the quality of life of older adults and non-technical individuals with information and companionship.


Private IT training classes are taught one-to-one or in groups at your pace at your chosen location or in-house.


Our workshops are delivered in-house, at your chosen location, or online. Ideal for group of individuals or a team.


Learn new skills online on your terms, at your pace and anytime in formats that suit you. Start now.


Our digital literacy classes show people how to stay in touch with friends and family and provide social interaction

Our digital skills programmes are designed to meet you where you are, providing personalised learning experiences.

Our programmes teach people how to use devices and technology, including topics like computer basics and internet security
Designed for older people and individuals with limited technical skills

Our computer literacy classes cover many topics but to name a few:


Computer, Smartphone & Tablet Skills - Technology & Digital Skills
Windows 7, 8 or 10 & Microsoft Office - Buying Your Device
Internet and Google Skills - Computer and Internet security - Universal Credit & Money Management and Much More!
Online Communication Skills (Skype, WhatsApp, Email etc) & Social Media

By The End Of Our Classes, Our Learners Will Be Able To:


Book Trips - Research interesting facts (tracing family tree, learning how to look after plants in their garden etc)
Read the news online - Keep in touch with loved ones
Pay bills online - Create and use an email account
Understand Scams and Spams and More
Online Shopping and Banking Security Tips and More

Our private classes are delivered either in our training centre or your chosen location


Laptop can be provided if you don't own one
Refreshments are provided for classes delivered in our training centre
Tailored learning - learn the subject you are interested in at your own pace
Discounts for large groups (more than 5 attendees) and half-day or full-day classes

Want To Upskill Your Community or Team?

Fill in the form or give us a call on 07547572042 if you have any questions, inquiries or want to book an appointment – we will be happy to assist you!

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