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We are Won Connect

Board Members

Our board members bring a wealth of diverse skills and experience to digital skills training and inclusion. Together, we're committed to empowering communities through technology.

Our Journey

  • April 2018started


    Won Connect CIC is founded with a vision to empower individuals with digital skills and support social inclusion through technology.
  • July 2018Training


    Launched our first digital skills training program aimed at beginners in the community.
  • December 2018Growth


    Expanded our training programs to include intermediate and advanced levels.
  • January 2019New Service

    Digital Agency Service

    Introduced website design services to help local businesses establish their online presence.
  • January 2020Improvment


    Enhanced our services by offering website maintenance and graphic design solutions.
  • June 2020OnlineTraining


    Adapted to remote operations and online training amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • September 2020Partnerships


    Expanded our reach through online marketing campaigns and partnerships.
  • January 2021Digital Products


    Developed new digital products to cater to the evolving needs of our clients.
  • April 2021New Challenges


    Celebrated our third anniversary with a renewed commitment to digital empowerment and community support. We have upskilled more than 200 individuals so far, online and offline.
  • September 2021Inclusion


    Continued growth and impact in bridging the digital divide and fostering digital inclusion.
  • December 2022Collaboration


    Explored opportunities for collaboration and expansion to serve more communities effectively.
  • June 2023Empowerment


    we are proud to announce that we have successfully upskilled more than 250 individuals through both online and offline training programmes. Additionally, we have forged partnerships with over 15 community centres and housing associations, extending our reach and impact to diverse communities. This milestone highlights our commitment to digital empowerment and fostering inclusive access to technology for all.
  • January 2024Accomplishments


    Reflecting on our journey, accomplishments, and setting new goals for the future.
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