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what is click bating

What is Clickbaiting?

What is Clickbaiting? – Lewis Brown   Have you ever clicked on an article because of a juicy headline? Have you ever felt like reading the article was a bit anticlimactic? If so, then you may have been exposed to clickbaiting.   Clickbaiting has spread like wildfire across social media platforms. The idea behind it […]
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Covid 19-and fake-news

Covid-19 and fake news

Fake News and covid-19: Keeping Yourself in the Know and Recognising False Information Digital media and grassroots journalism has been pivotal in the advancement of journalism in the 21st century.  Social media has empowered many to forge their own narratives out with those of mainstream media. The internet is a powerful tool when it comes […]
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What is whatsapp and why you should use it

What is WhatsApp and Why You Should Use IT

WhatsApp is one such mobile application that is primarily for smartphones but these days a desktop application for computers is also available. It is a free app solely created to allow free (here we mean unpaid) communication via text/call around the globe. It uses the internet to send and receive messages, audio, video and photos […]
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