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Won Connect CIC empowers individuals by increasing technology inclusion and digital participation. We deliver a variety of digital and computer training programmes to reduce social isolation, improve skills, employability, connectivity with peers, family, and friends, gain knowledge and enrich the quality of life of non-technical individuals with information and companionship.

More importantly, raise awareness of online finance and data fraud. We give you the tools and knowledge to protect your devices, finances, and data.

We are a Non-profit organisation based in Glasgow. Expected results and impact. Won Connect CIC helps individuals increase their learning abilities.

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Won Connect CIC

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An educated and informed individual
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We are helping older adults and those that are on their own/feeling isolated learn how to keep in touch with their friends and family using technology.


Our Computer courses and Digital Training Programme, are designed to support you to develop your everyday...


We offer smart home devices and gadgets that will assist you with your daily activities and make your life easier...


We have a great range of Website Design and maintenance packages suitable for all types of businesses....


Our goal is to end social isolation. This won't be easy but with your support, we know that together, we can do it...
About us

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We aspire to create a delightful & rewarding experiences with interactive technologies & to empower & inspire others.



Our team provides IT, social media, digital and website solution to help your business..


Increase your confidence and computer skills. Stay safe when you browse the web..


Enjoy browsing our online shop full of smart home technology products. All our profits..


A friendly Youtube community to empower yourself with variety of digital and..
What We Do
We are a social enterprise and passionate about technology and social interaction.

What We Do

We deliver a variety of digital and computer training programmes to improve skills, employability and connectivity with peers through Technology and Digital Media. Importantly, we want to raise awareness and understanding of how to protect your devices, data, and finance from fraud and abuse online.
What We Do

How We Do IT

We use our programmes to give the opportunity to non-technical individuals to learn the basic of computer and security but most important is to help them interact with other peers and socialise while learning. We don’t only introduce individuals to the computer, we also introduce them to smart home technology and social interaction.

We Are Here For You

We deliver our group classes in community centres, housing associations or in your organisation to upskill your residents, clients or team. We provide personal private computer lessons to individuals and groups at your home, your chosen location, online or in our training centre based in Glasgow.
Computer Group classes

Meet our attendees

Won Connect's programmes and courses packages are carefully designed to meet your needs.
Our Social Events

Social Events

As part of the life of our community we love to run a variety of social events and activities.

Summer events

Craft Pottery Glasgow

Digital Inclusion classes

Toryglen community base

Summer events Glasgow

Craft Pottery Glasgow

Summer events Glasgow

Our raffle winner - Tam

Summer events

Craft Pottery Glasgow

Story and Core values

our core values are what we're all about

Story - Why "Won "

In our founder’s tribe on the Ivory Coast, older people are looked after by the whole community, much like how bees work together to produce nectar for their queen. In this tribe the word for “bees” is “won”, and Won Connect applies the bees’ way of working to help socially isolated and older people. This is a different philosophy to supporting the community than we are used to in Scotland. Older people are often targeted by scammers, and technology moves forward without anyone helping them keep up. We can, like the bees, work together to support the whole community. But rather than supplying nectar, we supply knowledge and skills so that people can feel connected, and stay safe, using technology. Our services are used to fundraise, to allow us to provide support and knowledge to those who need it. Just as the bees can’t make nectar without pollen, we can’t provide support without funding. At Won Connect, we treat older and socially isolated people with respect, and help them become independent technology users so they can socialise, integrate with the community and support themselves.

Core Values

We believe knowledge generates investment returns. Empower those around you, share what you know and attempt to make those around you better than yourself.


We respect our customer right to dignity, choice and independence. We welcome diversity in our staff, volunteers and clients, and respect and values the contributions made by them.


Success for us is being accountable, Being responsible for your actions. Take responsibility, No excuses.

Our Vision
  • To promote the wellbeing of older people and protect their assets against online fraud and abuse.
  • To empower individuals by increasing technology inclusion and digital  participation, and narrow the digital divide.
  • To effectively assist economic integration and improve living standards
  • To offer our volunteers full-time or part-time permanent employment.
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What we make for you

We encourage kind gestures to solve loneliness


Working at the highest level
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Funders - Supporters

Clyde Offices 48 West George Street, 2nd Floor, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 1BP, Glasgow, UK
Nonprofit | Scottish company limited by guarantee No. SC595186 - VAT Registration Number: 362 8293 77

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07547572042

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